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Quantum Accounting

Accounting software for medium-sized businesses with up to 40 users. Industry-specific features for construction, distribution, manufacturing and nonprofit.

  • THE RIGHT SOLUTION: Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is an unparalleled solution for large and growing businesses including enterprise level companies.

  • MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS: Take advantage of the multiple industry-specific capabilities that are available for analyzing and managing construction, distribution, manufacturing and nonprofit businesses.

  • CONTROL FINANCIALS: Keep track of business sales and financials with workflow automation that routes critical activities to the accurate person. Analyze finances using customizable dashboards.

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Focus on what matters most in your business with expanded features: faster processing, role-based security, industry-specific functionality and workflow automation.

  • 多至40用戶版

  • 簡單易用: 中型及大型企業的不二之選

  • 賬目分明: 內置多類行業的獨有功能

  • 財務管理: 高端採購及銷售功能,多項自訂及可更改頁面、報告及表格

  • 提高生產: 登入保安設置、多功能財務及倉庫報表,一按即看


Premium Accounting

  • LICENSE: Up to 5 users

  • THE RIGHT SOLUTION: An advanced software solution, designed for building and running small businesses and offers the flexibility of adding up to 5 users.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR BUSINESS: Spend less time on administrative tasks and simplify your business with an accounting, payment and payroll solution that seamlessly works together.

  • MANAGE FINANCES: Streamline your financials with this easy to use solution offering benefits such as advanced budgeting, serialized inventory, job costing and audit trails.

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Focus on what matters most in your business with effortless features such as at-a-glance dashboards, change order processing and serialized inventory management.

  • 1 - 5 用戶版

  • 簡單易用: 適合小型或初創企業,多人同時使用

  • 賬目分明: 簡化會計工作,讓財務及業務無痕接軌

  • 處理財務: 除採購及銷售功能,更有序號及組裝貨物管理

  • 提高生產: 多達140項不同財務報表,一按即看

Pro Accounting

Simple accounting software for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses with 1 user.

  • THE RIGHT SOLUTION: Simple to use yet robust accounting solution for a small business.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR BUSINESS: Simplify your business and spend less time on administrative tasks with an accounting, payment that seamlessly works together.

  • MANAGE FINANCIALS: Streamline your financials – an easy way to invoice customers, pay bills and track cash flow.

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Effortless features such as email integration, one-click reporting and inventory management.

  • 單用戶版

  • 簡單易用: 適合小型或初創企業

  • 賬目分明: 簡化會計工作,讓財務及業務無痕接軌

  • 處理財務: 採購及銷售功能,一應俱全

  • 提高生產: 財務及倉庫報表,一按即看

Sage 50 Pro 2020
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